The Rebel Collection

Rebel Yihi Mods – Powered by Yihi

Yihi SX550J TFT Bluetooth 200w – Dual 18650

Yihi SX55J TFT Bluetooth 100w – Single 18650/26650

Yihi SX350J V2 200w – Dual 18650

Yihi SX350J V2 75w – Single 26650

Rebel E-liquids

Premium e-liquids design in labs, great care and time has gone into our flavour profiles. Born in the USA, Bred in the UK


Rebel DNA Mods Powered by Evolv

DNA250w – 3 x 18650
DNA 250w & 200w Lipo
DNA166w – 2 x 18650 (DNA250 Chip)
DNA75w – 18650 & 26650
DNA 166w Squonker
DNA 75w Squonker flask

The Rebel Mods

The DNA Series

The YiHi Series