We have Yihi 350J v2, Yihi 480J, Yihi 550J, Yihi 485J and Yihi 486J mods! Offering squonkers and single and dual battery devices. Yihi Vape mods are powerful Chinese high end designed chips thats have been around for a long time and deliver a truly excellent vape experience.

          YiHi Rebel Mods

          if you're looking for the best box mods with yihi chip. Rebel mods have been hailed by many as the
          best vape mods 2019 and already best vape mods 2020... if you want the best box mods of 2020 Rebel are the no.1 box mods with a dna chip

          YiHi is a vape hardware manufacturer responsible for designing and manufacturing the latest and most powerful intelligent chips (SX550J, SX480J, SX485J and SX350J) with continuous innovation in their technology - implementing it into their chips. With these chips, you can expect a solid, stable vaping experience that won't disappoint. One of the only high end chip producers to release joystick control and bluetooth features

          Yihi Mods (7)

          The Rebel Mod - 100W Yihi 485J (Single 2x700)


          The Rebel Mod - Yihi 486J (dual 20700/21700) 250W


          The Rebel Mod - YiHi 550j 200w BT Squonker 2 x 18650


          The Rebel Mod - YiHi 550j 200w Bluetooth TFT Chip


          The Rebel Mod - Yihi 480J BT (Single 2x700)

          £144.98 £173.98

          The Rebel Mod - YiHi 350j V2 (200w) 2 x 18650

          £139.99 £213.99

          The Rebel Mod - Chrome Series Collection (Limited Edition) - £POA

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