About Us

Steve, Mo & Tobias have a wealth of expertise between them. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, Electrical engineering and Design... The Rebel Team know how to make Mods and growing to 8 people strong now. They have been making 3D Printed Mods supporting ESAUCE and working with other brands in the UK & Europe for 4 years now.

"We love the brand and ESAUCE are our close partners. But we felt there was room to explore some futher capabilities in the 3D printed premium end Mod market. We decided to design a series of Mods to compliment the other hardware on the market and give consumers a wider yet different choice of devices to choose from and play with. Our own Mod development under our own brand, with free reign allows us to really utilise our skills to their full potential with no limitations but time! Of course we are still learning and developing as we grow with this super fast paced industry, its demands and your feedback.

Our mods have been hand crafted and we have literally spent months upon months developing our ideas, the process is far from easy. We hope you love our mods as much as us. Our new line up is just the first in a long series of ever increasing complexity... revolution is key for us, making things smarter and better, hence the name Rebel.

Our series 1 collection should complete by Summer 2017 and we will then spend the rest of year developing round 2. Series 1 so far has brought some amazing innovations - we delivered 3 new concepts:  Nano tech dye, 3 step processing and Blend body materials.

1 - Nano dye. Normally 3D printed mods come in white, this is due to the Nylon powder blend base large SLS machines use. Although we have a pure solid colour Grey sourced in Europe, like other 3D prints we too must dye. However this is the real difference.. Once a unit comes off the machines, typically print houses will use a powder dye and just blast the pieces needed. Its quick, cheap and alot easier. But it isn't effective for use and actually when dyed is done so more for a demo or display purposes. Nano dye is a liquid dying process we developed in the UK that uses one of the most powerful dye agents currently available in the world. With small hand managed batches we pulse blast with very high heat and pump with high pressure litres of dye in a chamber, allow to cool and then repeat for 12-72 hours. We hope to bring down costs and have actually just rolled out Nano dye to the full colour range.

2 - 3 Step processing - Again Rebel separates itself here. Used in some parts of aerospace plastics development, these 3 processes use a combination of ceramic bead cleaning, sand blasting/vaccuming and a special hardening agent. we can't say any more, but that smooth yet rough feel is down to this beautiful and intricate bit of engineering by our in house genius Tobias himself.

3 - Finally Blend body materials - this isnt your typical Nylon mod, we use a tri-blend of materials to enhance its strength, yet allowing a porous enough surface for colouring to hold longer and at the same time have the heat resistance and flexibility needed with an everyday vaping device. You can also freely clean your device without any worry of easy scratching"

Rebel E-liquids? Well we cant take credit for the creation, that comes down to our Partner Alex who has worked with the very best flvour company in the US to bring you 3 lip-smacking flavours that sit firmly as Top Shelf ejuice!

We Love designing and developing and between us have over 21 years experience. We love a challenge too, so send us your ideas and we may even put the into action.

Vape on, Vape strong and release your inner Rebel..... Rebel by name Rebel by nature